Law, justice, gender violence: New UN report

In its first report since it was founded in March 2011, UN Women has forcefully made the connection between having more women in politics, having gender-sensitive laws, elimination of impunity for sexual violence and women’s empowerment.

For anyone who’s been engaged with research, service provision or advocacy around gender violence, reading the new Progress of the World’s Women report ( is both moving and heartwarming. The report quotes the European Court of Human Rights 2002 judgment in the Bevacqua vs Bulgaria case:

“When a State makes little or no effort to stop a certain form of private violence, it tacitly condones that violence. This complicity transforms what would otherwise be wholly private conduct into a constructive act of the State.” (page 47)

This report is both an educational and an advocacy asset. Check it out today!


About Swarna Rajagopalan
I am a political scientist by training with a special interest in security studies.

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