Evaluating gender violence prevention programmes

To date, there have been few systematic evaluations of projects implemented by either governments or non-profit organizations to prevent various forms of gender violence. We therefore do not know what has worked, what hasn’t, why something has worked, why something hasn’t.

The International Center for Research on Women has recently undertaken an ambitious evaluation of one of India’s earliest schemes to reduce child marriage – Apni Beti, Apna Dhan in Haryana. This scheme was first implemented in the state in 1994, and next year, the first recipients will turn 18, the age at which, if all has gone well, they should still be unmarried.

This scheme is also unique for being what is called a conditional cash transfer or CCT, where a family receives a certain amount of money from the government in return for adopting or changing a specific practice. In this case, child marriage.

To read more about ICRW’s planned evaluation and about CCTs, see this article by Gillian Gaynair.


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