Violence on the Page: C.S. Lakshmi writes on ‘Ratha Uravu’ (Blood Ties) by Yuma Vasuki

Ratha Uravu, New Horizon Media, Chennai, 2007, translated by Gita Subramaniam

In recent times the novel that has dealt with domestic violence in an almost  shocking and heartbreaking manner is Yuma Vasuki’s Ratha Uravu (translated as Blood Ties by Gita Subramanian). It is a disturbing tale of relentless domestic violence, fear and alchoholism set in a small town in Tamil Nadu. The story is woven around three brothers and a cruel widowed mother in a joint family and the travails of the family of one of the brothers, Dinakaran who is an alcoholic who thinks that battering his wife and children is his right. The graphic accounts of  violence send a chill down the spine but the children and their relationship with their elder sister, who tries to remain calm and hold the family together and the poetic style of writing of Yuma Vasuki make this novel an important novel that deals with violence and its impact on the family.



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