Gender Violence in India Report 2014: An Introduction

The third edition of the Prajnya Gender Violence in India report has been in the works a very long time, and as a result, each draft has required multiple updates and edits. Like many other things we do, the GVR (as we call it) has been a casualty of our limited resources and our dependence on volunteer work. Also, like many other things we do, the GVR represents our inability to give up entirely on a good idea.

“To everything, there is a season,” and finally, we are uploading GVR 3 today, albeit in a different format–at least for now. This new edition is going up as a series of blogposts. Everything else is the same–the effort that has gone into them, the sincerity of each author, the concerns about accuracy and integrity. We just don’t want to wait any more to prepare and design an actual document. We want you to have this work accessible right away.

GVR 3 has had multiple authors, each engaging with and adding to the others’ work. They are Divya Bhat, Shakthi Manickavasagam, Titiksha Pandit and Mitha Nandagopalan.

Divya Bhat was a Shakti Fellow at Prajnya, spending time with us in Chennai while she did her fieldwork on the medical community’s response to sexual assault survivors. Shakthi Manickavasagam joined us to coordinate the 2012 Prajnya 16 Days Campaign against Gender Violence, and has stayed on to become an integral part of the volunteer team that works on gender violence awareness. Titiksha Pandit joined us briefly as a Saakshi Fellow to work on a research project on gender sensitisation and awareness, and we asked her to help update the text as it was. Finally, when Mitha Nandagopalan arrived in Chennai on an extended visit and volunteered her excellent research and editorial skills, we have been able to bring this edition to a close, even filling in the gaps that remained.

In the final round of edits, we have had the joint effort of Mitha, Shakthi and Anupama Srinivasan and it is the 2014 Campaign Coordinator, Swetha Shankar, who is posting these, making this a true team effort. I would like to thank all these people for their hard work over the last few years.

The GVR was first imagined in 2009 as a ready reckoner on gender violence, and I hope you find this edition useful, whatever search leads you to it.
For your convenience, here is an index of the GVR 3 posts:
  1. Prenatal Sex Selection, Foeticide & Infanticide
  2. Street Sexual Harassment
  3. Acid Attacks
  4. Honour Crimes
  5. Dowry Violence
  6. Domestic Violence
  7. Workplace Sexual Harassment
  8. ICTs & Gender Violence
  9. Rape

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