GRIT @ Prajnya

Since 2008, Prajnya has organised the 16 Days Campaign against Gender Violence in Chennai, to draw attention to the many ways that women in particular are vulnerable to violence.

Over the last three years, we’ve seen for ourselves the need for a concerted, sustained programme on gender violence, one that extends beyond a seasonal campaign. We’ve also witnessed first-hand a growing community interest and involvement in our effects. We’ve interacted with an increasing number of people for whom this issue is real, whose lives are affected by violence on a routine basis.

We often complain that gender violence is brushed under the carpet or cloaked in secrecy. Maybe, if we created the platform, people might be willing to talk about this issue?

This blog then is one of many platforms we hope to create, to end the silence on gender violence.

To read more about GRIT, go here.

Access this blog’s opening post here.

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