Seminar report: Making Numbers Count

Very belatedly, here’s a brief report on the seminar we organised late last year – Making Numbers Count: The Gender Violence Tally. This seminar was special for many reasons – as a milestone, since it was our first full day research seminar but more importantly, because it discussed an issue that had been – and continues to – bother us. As people who work on gender violence, we often wonder about the data that exists, the data we need and the data we lack. This seminar was a first attempt at beginning a conversation around this and we are very grateful to all those who took the time to be there!

You can read the report here

Prajnya Fundraising Drive 2012: 8 Lakhs, 12 weeks

As many of you will remember, our work on gender violence began rather modestly, with the annual 16 Days Campaign. But we soon discovered that we needed to – and others needed us to – focus our energies on this issue year-round. The Gender Violence Research and Information Taskforce was created to meet a real demand for more platforms, spaces, workshops where we could talk openly about violence.

In many ways, this parallels the manner in which Prajnya itself has grown. Very swiftly in some ways, as we’ve said elsewhere –work, ideas, community–and very slowly in others–financial, material and human resources (as in hands available on deck). We’ve struggled with how to provide for ourselves, how to plan and how to do all the things we want, as well as we want to do them.

We’ve not done so badly. Borrowing space for an office, working as a volunteer team for the most part and using every free resource as optimally as we know (like this blog and social networks), we’ve managed to do quite a bit. We think so, and so do our friends.

But when you think about it, with space and labour underwritten, our costs are very low, so we wondered: why shouldn’t we able to make a rational appeal to our friends for support, an appeal that reflects our frugal style? So we are trying to raise Rs. 800,000/- between January 1 and March 31, 2012. Not a whole lot of money, really, for one year of activity that includes several publication education efforts (for example, workshops to help young people and health care professionals respond to violence), the fourth 16 Days Campaign as well as our research initiatives.

800,000 works out to 80 donations of 10,000 , 800 donations of 1000 each. Surely we can meet this modest target? With your help, we know we can. After all, it is your support that has brought us this far.

Read our full appeal letter and see how you can donate today.